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June 2, 2017 / sharoncopy

Good classroom ideas

The other day I saw a seating chart that was made of sturdy cardboard with slots in it. the students’ names were on little cards that fit into the slots. I got the feeling that this had been around for a long time. I liked the idea because it’s easier to change the seating chart (although if was knocked on the floor, at least some of them might fall out, and kids could mess with it if they so desired.) Doing one on the computer would be simple, and changes could be made and printed out easily enough. Hey, teachers: seating charts are VERY helpful for subs.

Today, the first grade teacher had various items available for quiet reading time, including: red plastic adirondack chairs, green plastic adirondack chairs, large white laundry baskets (!) (some sat in them flat on the floor and therefore had a back rest, and some stood them on end and sat in them “statue of Mary” style), and yellow Emoji pillows to sit on. 🙂


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