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June 2, 2017 / sharoncopy

Variety Day

Today I was supposed to start in Kindergarten Room 8, but that was changed to Kindergarten Room 7, and then 10 minutes later changed to Kindergarten Room 9 because another sub didn’t show up. Then I was supposed to go to 4th grade Room 27, but the teacher told me to meet her at 1st grade Room 18 instead because her 4th graders were coming there for “Reading Buddies” time. Then I walked the 4th graders ALL the way back to Room 27 – which was a really long way in a large sprawled out Livonia elementary school. Then I was assigned to 2nd grade Room 16, then my lunchtime near the middle of the school, then back to Room 16, then finished up in Room 18 first grade at the end of the day. 🙂 Can you say “flexible”?

For some reason, the K’s in Room 9 were left alone for just a few minutes, and when I arrived there this morning, it was what the kids called “a wild party” going on. Kids had been flipping lightswitches, running around, and being wild and loud. I don’t know how many minutes they were alone (not supposed to EVER be alone – and there were adults in adjoining classes) – but some kids saw no adult in the room and took advantage of it. One boy was crying because the chaos scared him.  Once I arrived and called everyone to order, they were fine. I told their teacher about it later.

The teachers were having “Grouping” meetings all day. The K teachers meet to decide who all goes into which first grade classes, the 1st grade teachers decide about the 2nd grade classes, etc. I asked one teacher, “What do you do – say – I’ll give you two blondes for 2 brunettes, or is it more like I’ll give you 2 extroverts for all your introverts?” She smiled. More to it than that, I imagine. Must be interesting deciding who gets which ADHD kids. Of course, new people may move to the neighborhood during the summer and that will change things to some degree, but they try to be organized.

It’s June 2. Amazing. Everyone is counting the days to June 16th.

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