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May 31, 2017 / sharoncopy

Hours of work

Today one of the teachers at the Montessori school mentioned that they have a hard time finding subs. I told her that ONE reason might be that while they pay the same rate as everybody else does, they also require us to work one hour longer than the other schools do.

Wouldn’t that be a consideration if you were deciding between two opportunities?

I’ve worked there a lot, and I don’t put a huge amount of thought into the extra hour, except when I get placed on outdoor car-door-opening duty when it’s 10 degrees outside (it takes an hour!). I’m going to suggest to the principal that they might have to let the subs out earlier if they want people to come there.

$90 a day for 7 hours (we won’t count lunch breaks) = $12.85 per hour

$90 a day for 8 hours (not counting lunch) = $11.25 per hour

It makes a difference.

And since I’m on the subject of pay rates for subs – up until last year, some schools were paying only $75 or $80 a day. Now several of them are advertising that if you come there 10 times in a month, you get a $100 bonus. I managed to get that once so far, since I seem to skip around a lot (I take what’s open and reasonable when I’m looking at the list online).  I should also mention that subbing as a parapro pays $8-something per hour and so does school secretary – which is why I never do those jobs unless there’s nothing else available.


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