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May 18, 2017 / sharoncopy

An Awesome Moment

I showed the fifth grade Science class an episode of “Bill Nye, the Science Guy” about atoms and molecules. Afterwards I asked if anyone knew what an atom bomb is. Dennis raised his hand.
“An atom bomb, more commonly known as a nuclear bomb, gets its energy by splitting atoms – usually made out of uranium or plutonium – to release neutrons and cause other atoms to split. In doing this in a short amount of time, it releases so much energy that a huge explosion occurs.”
My grin grew as wide as my surprise, and I noted that the other 26 kids stayed quiet and smiled, indicating that they were proud of the member of their class they refer to as “the genius.”  He reminded me of my son David at that age. I asked him to write it down for me later, and he was hesitant to write it (also like my son David) but he was willing to repeat most of it (there was actually a little more)to me later so that I could write it down. I gave him a high five and encouraged him in his scientific studies.

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