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May 18, 2017 / sharoncopy

“What kind of reviews have you received?”

Yesterday a fifth grade girl asked me first thing in the morning what kind of reviews I had received as a substitute teacher. I turned it around, of course, and asked her what kind of reviews she had received as a student when there is a substitute teacher. She wasn’t sure what to say. I told her that I had been voted “the best guest teacher EVER” and I had also been called mean – it all depended on the class’s behavior.

She was fine. It was A. who was a continuous pain in the backside. I sent him to the office at one point. After half an hour, they sent him back. I used the teacher’s method of giving them a mark the first time they wouldn’t cooperate, then 2, then 3. He couldn’t find his work in his desk, so I went through it with him and found it. I probably embarrassed him when I announced (after hearing him declare over and over for 5 minutes that it didn’t exist) that it had been found. He refused to do it, tore part of it, ate a piece of it, and wrinkled the packet some. Eventually I told him he had to go to the office, and before I could call, he just walked out. I informed the office that he had left, and they kept him for the rest of the day, thankfully.

I know that kids have problems. But somehow, sometime, they have to realize that they canNOT stop education from taking place for the rest of the students in the class. Like that matters to them even a little. 😦

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