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May 17, 2017 / sharoncopy


Simple enough request: do the small amount of assigned work without talking loudly, turn it in, have a nice day. Sure, you can even listen to music on your iPhone while you work (per school rules). Instead: ignoring me, disrespecting me, causing disruption, arguing with me about whether they ignored me, disrespected me or caused disruption. One girl said, “I’m graduating in 3 weeks and nothing you do or say today will change that.” True. But she might not like the detention she has to serve tomorrow. I called the principal and sent a few kids down to him. But by the last period, I really found it difficult to care anymore. When almost the whole class does it – they figure they can get away with it, and I was tired, and trying not to be visibly upset. I know some of them cheated off their classmates’ papers. I left a note for the teacher and I was very happy to leave at the end of the day. If all goes well, I’ll never go back there again. Since it had gone well there before, it was the last school in Redford that I was willing to go to.

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