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February 24, 2015 / sharoncopy

DAY 78 subbing

A very good day!
I spent the morning as first grade teacher in Livonia, and it was  good bunch of kids to work with.
Then I went to a second Livonia elementary and worked in the resource room, tutoring a couple of kids at a time for half hour spans for the afternoon – pretty enjoyable, overall, although some weren’t so cooperative and it’s always discouraging trying to teach division and decimals to kids who do not know multiplication tables. Checking charts is cumbersome and slow. Counting on fingers even more so. Many schools seem to encourage both!   The highlight was helping three 6th graders write a short essay based on their strong opinions  (1. Why kids should be allowed to use their phones in school 2. Why 13-year-olds should be allowed to get a driver’s license 3. Why schools should not have uniforms).

I may have an opportunity for a long-term subbing situation. Yes, it’s in one of the more difficult schools. Yes, it’s in one of the more difficult grades I’ve handled (3rd). What, am I crazy, or have I just watched too many “To Sir, With Love” type movies? Or is it just an opportunity to try a challenge – those kids need someone to teach them. And it’s not an irreversible contract. It pays higher but will also involve more work (not sure how much, exactly.)  Tune in for future details.

Conversation with a very pregnant teacher I met today:
“When is the baby due?”
“11 days.”
” First or second?” (It’s rarely past that with working teachers).
She referred to the birth date as an “eviction” – said that it’s all planned. She said that she hates surprises and can’t stand not knowing when things are going to happen, so the date is all chosen and planned.
I couldn’t help but wonder how she will manage two kids if she doesn’t like surprises and can’t stand not knowing when things are going to happen. But I held my tongue.

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