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February 24, 2015 / sharoncopy

DAY 79

Another very good day!

Today I taught 2nd grade in Livonia and it went very well. They were a little chatty, but very responsive when told to stop.
We did math and writing and I read to them about Abraham Lincoln, among other subjects. I told them a couple of stories, which they really seemed to enjoy. It was nice to be in one building all day. If I was going to choose a school based on facilities, this might be it – they had a double-size classroom (some do there, some don’t). And they could win an award for the nicest teacher’s lounge – comfy furniture, low lighting, and snacks. 🙂  I’ve been to some schools where the teachers have a table and a few chairs in a room with the laminator (stinky!) and the copier and don’t even have a microwave!

I watched the P.E. teacher for a few minutes. I liked how he had the kids stand on a line quietly while he explained the rules of the games, and then when he was done he called one or two kids up to help demonstrate, and when they finished, he simply said, “Audience” and the kids all clapped and cheered. He did this several times, which I think helps, since they know they will have a chance to be noisy. 🙂

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