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May 22, 2018 / sharoncopy

Santa Fe, Texas

Art class and substitute teachers. This shooting is so close to home.
He knew that building. He chose those art classrooms on purpose. Why? Was he laughed at in that space because he wasn’t good at it? Or did he just know that certain people were in there. Was it the creative kids that teased him, rather than the jocks, this time?
He didn’t shoot people he liked. Apparently the two substitute teachers weren’t on that list. Are we ever? We go in and try to maintain order among a group where at least half are trying to get away with something; we teach a subject that we haven’t thought about or prepared for, so it mostly ends up that we are told to force them to be quiet and do the busy work that the teacher provided. We don’t have much time to build rapport.
There is so much evil in this world. And while politicians seriously debate which stance about guns will get them re-elected (because that’s what really counts), a few dozen more peoples’ lives were shattered and altered. Here comes long-lasting grief.
It’s not nice to say this, but why didn’t he just kill himself instead? If it comes down to “Hmmmm, should I kill myself or shoot a couple dozen people”, then he should have gone with Option A. Could he have gotten help? Probably. Or if his parents did consider counseling, were they put off by the incredibly high cost of it?
Incomparably sad. No easy answers. A world that rejects the love and power of Christ.

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