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February 10, 2015 / sharoncopy

DAY 73 of subbing

It was a pretty good day in Kindergarten in Livonia. Quite a chatty bunch and every transition took forever, but we did a few lessons in between recesses, lunch, and computer lab.

I did start to feel a little weary of the routine. It reminded me of when I was a camp counselor for a whole summer (Kathleen Hannan, Laurie Atkins, Joni Sayers, Ruth Jones) and along about week 5 we would start getting tired of the same routine, same food (Monday was hot dogs for supper, Tuesday morning was oatmeal……) same Bible lessons, same songs and games and jokes. Every week we were reminded to refresh ourselves and remember that it was new to each group of campers and we needed to renew our enthusiasm.

Time to refresh. 🙂

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