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February 10, 2015 / sharoncopy

DAY 72 in Livonia

Day 72 in Livonia – high school

The only difficulties today were arriving at 7 a.m. and the logistics of finding my way around a rather unusual system!
I arrived at 6:59 to the Main Office, and was directed to the Scheduling Office, which is past the Attendance Office and the Guidance Office, none of which are near each other – back in a far corner of the building. It was 7:05 by the time I got there. I received a key to the Phys. Ed. Dept. and a map of the school so that I could go back past where I entered to the “Old Gym”, got lost and received wrong directions twice from students along the way, and the third time I passed the restroom, decided that was priority. I made it to the location by about 7:20 and the students arrived at 7:25. It was the beginning of a LOT of walking as I met up each period with students in the old gym and we walked down to the new gym OR to the weight room which was at the far end of the humongous new gym.

Three notable things about today:
1. I was directed to take attendance at the old gym – but I noticed in the Weight Room that there were not 39 people anymore – 8 were missing. So I put my chair in front of the door so as to monitor any further deserters – then took attendance at the end of class and reported the missing people in a note to the teacher. Another sub heard some of the kids saying to others, “You’re gonna get busted – she took attendance again!” 🙂 Sub: 1  Deserters: 0  For the remainder of the day, I met the students in the old gym and announced that attendance would be taken in the new gym or weight room. When I told a student about the desertions, he said, “people always do that when there is a sub.”

Consider this: there were 39 students (same for another class), none of whom are known, and in high school one doesn’t line them up and march them down the hall together, and it’s far enough away with a few twists, turns and doorways that it would not be difficult to disappear along the way.

2. We had a directive that they could not use the track – only the gym – volleyball, basketball, or just walking around. A tall girl asked again and I explained again. I no sooner finished, than her friend, who was standing right there, asked the same question. I said, “Did you not hear me give the answer to that  question just now? Why do you think that the answer has changed?”  She smiled and they were off to walk around the gym.

3. Since I’m taking Drawing class, I drew a piece of equipment in the Weight Room and later, a basketball hoop and one player. It passes the time and gives me practice with overlapping items, perspective, etc.

Overall, a pretty easy day and while I didn’t like leaving the house at 6:30, I DID like getting off at 2:30 pm!

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