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February 7, 2015 / sharoncopy

DAY 71

Day 71 – 5th grade in Westwood (Inkster)

[ okay, I’m tired, so this is off the top of my head
and could be better]

What can I say about an awful day?
Kids were not there to learn, just to play.
Let’s annoy the sub in every possible way.
Talk and talk and talk some more
Walk across that classroom floor
“I wasn’t talkin’, it wasn’t me”
My head turns – they think I can’t hear or see
“Is this task hard – I’m not gonna do it”
“I might do the easy one if I get to it”
“Office? – okay – send me, I don’t care”
Sit back in the corner, giving sub the glare,
Baby step around the room, takin’ their time
“Someone stole my pencil – that’s a crime”
“Can I read? Can I read? Can I read? Can I?
“Oh, man, that’s not fair.” Give the evil eye.
Warnings unheeded – “To the office you go!”
“You’re a racist!” he says. Really? Um – no.
Somehow we did Math, fractions and more,
Social Studies, reading, try not to bore.
I “lost it” and lectured, encouraged, cajoled
Hoping they learn before they get old.

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