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January 31, 2015 / sharoncopy

DAY 68 subbing – Livonia

Day 68 – 4th grade in Livonia

In the afternoon, some of the 4th graders chose books to read to the Kindergarten kids and I went with them. As they were choosing, one girl asked her friend, “Do you think this one is too scary for a child?”  🙂   Haha! She is, in her estimation, SO much older. 🙂

Another very good day! These kids were really fun to be with, they settled down easily, and I enjoyed talking with them. During a 15 minute time frame when only 8 of them were with me and the project was finished, I taught them how to play Rhythm (lap – clap – snap – snap – you know, saying 1-3, and then # 3 says 3-5, etc. It was pleasant to see them improve and make sure that everyone was included – and just fun to play.)

Here’s a great idea for schools or businesses: the secretary has a flower arrangement on the office counter – perhaps – 15 inches in diameter and about 10″ high, with each flower being about 3″ in diameter – but wait – these are not just flowers – they are ink pens! Each silk flower is securely taped to a pen with florist tape – when someone needs a pen – there’s a small sign that they can choose and use one – and not likely walk off with it either. In the meantime – it’s beautiful!

Another great idea – there’s a long column dedicated to writing projects with several sections so that students can tell where their project is at present. “Prewriting” “Writing” “Waiting for Peer Review” “Revising” “Waiting for Peer Review” and “Publishing”.

There were two visually impaired students in the class who had a parapro with them most of the time. I talked with one girl for awhile when the other kids were playing during indoor recess – she appreciated the company and I enjoyed chatting with her.



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