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January 30, 2015 / sharoncopy

DAY 67 Subbing

DAY 67 Subbing – First grade in Melvindale

What a great day! The kids were awesome, the school is awesome (been there a few times in several different classes) and the lesson plans were sufficient and well-explained. I have been in enough classrooms now to know the general routine regarding breakfast, lunch count, and stack and pack (end of day) that I realized today that I don’t feel nervous or stressed about those procedures any more. I also realize that teachers are okay with not doing everything on the list or everything exactly in the time slots specified because they make changes on the fly all the time too.[Yesterday it took the kids 22 minutes to clean up and pack up before going to gym class (when there’s a special class near the end of the day this gets done beforehand because dismissal is right after the special). They missed a few minutes of gym – the teacher had alloted 1o minutes, but with all the distractions and messing around – I skipped something else and allotted more time.]

They did toss small parts of several kinds of multiple-piece toys around the room somehow, making quite a mess, and I scolded them soundly and reported it to the teacher (via note) who will no doubt do the same. But for the most part – the teaching went well, the kids were cute and fun, we got along and there were no troublemakers. I’d go back there anytime.

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