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January 30, 2015 / sharoncopy

DAY 66 subbing

DAY 66 subbing – Wed. Jan. 28, 2015

2nd grade. Sigh. It was quite a challenge in Livonia today – some of the kids were just – difficult to deal with. I put one of the guys out in the hall a couple of times just so I could make progress. Probably should have sent him to the office. He wasn’t mean – just – commanding attention or not following rules a majority of the time. Second grade just seems to be the toughest group – old enough to have an attitude, but not old enough to care about grades and such.

Oh, and the attitude was displayed perfectly when I decided to try out the Hokey Pokey with this age (Kindergarteners love it). About half the kids loved it, another few tolerated it, but there was one girl in particular who stepped back and watched with a look of total disdain on her 7 year old face, like, “Really? You’ve GOT to be kidding me – I’m not doing that baby stuff.”

Best moment: I found out that we could have outdoor recess, and since I was already frustrated and not looking forward to a half hour condensed into a small classroom with about 23 rambunctious 7 year olds, I announced that we were going outside. I heard one of the girls say to her friend, “Could this day get any better?”  🙂 I’m pretty sure that the other classes had only allowed their kids on the blacktop, but since the awesome playground seemed perfectly fine, I took my kids in there – not having discussed it with anyone, and when the next groups coming out saw them having a wonderful time and not getting muddy, they let the other kids out there too. It was quite cold, but clear and beautiful, and I enjoyed walking around watching the multi-colored troops have a barrel of fun. I would have stayed out there a little longer, but the other teachers said I had to bring them inside. We were the last to enter.

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