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January 28, 2015 / sharoncopy

DAY 65 subbing

This must be the “season” for student teaching, because this morning I sat at Melvindale High School as the “official” teacher while the student teacher did all of the book. I spent most of the time reading my Photoshop book from the library.

In the afternoon, I was in Westland teaching 2nd grade, which has consistently been one of the most challenging ages to deal with. They were – talkative and a little rambunctious. We did get some work done. As is often the case, they went to a “special” which today was Music class, so I had another 45 minutes to rest and to read my book. I was quite tired (didn’t get enough sleep) so I laid down on the floor on my coat behind the teacher’s desk while they were out and rested – it helped.

“Pack and stack” time is always such a nuisance – I need to find a better way to deal with it. The kids have about 10-15 minutes to put papers in their folders, write in their assignment books (sometimes), pack up their backpacks and lunchboxes and clean off their desks and stack their chairs. While most of them work at it fairly diligently, it also can degenerate quickly into ecstatic elementary kids roughhousing, shouting, playing, snatching hats or gloves,tattling, etc. and one can readily hear teachers loudly admonishing kids in every hallway and classroom then. It’s quite a feat to get about 800 kids onto the correct buses or outside to walk or to be picked up! In some of the Lower Elementary schools – just imagine – there are 800 kids that are K-1 or K-2!

“Herding cats” comes to mind. 🙂

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