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January 27, 2015 / sharoncopy

DAY 64 subbing

DAY 64 subbing and car problem

On Saturday the button on my gearshift stuck, preventing me from removing my keys from the ignition. So, this morning I was at the dealer at 6:45 a.m., 5th in line for the 7 a.m. opening. Despite all their ads about how many loaners they have, they had none and while they were willing to give me one from Enterprise, that couldn’t happen until 8 and I needed to be at a school by then. So – they took me by shuttle 3 miles to the Livonia school, and then picked me up promptly at 11:45 as requested and took me back to pick up my repaired Sonic.

I had to cancel my afternoon job in Northville, but when I got home around noon, I found several afternoon job openings, and ended up going out to Westland for a few hours for first grade.

The morning job was fun – PE with 1st-4th graders in a Catholic school’s Activity Room. It’s large and flat-carpeted and there were only 9 kids in each of the classes, except there were 13 in the 1st grade. Easy job. Well-behaved kids except for a first grade boy who wanted to keep his hand down his pants (actually, a couple of them had that habit) :(. We did exercises and I even did them in 3 out of 4 of the classes, including jumping jacks! Then they had relays, including one with a “weave” between 4 orange cones – well enjoyed by all. One little boy got confused and messed up and then cried – I encouraged him that everyone makes mistakes and not to worry. On his second and third turns, he nailed it and we cheered for him. Good to have the chance to “fix it”. Then I had them play endline soccer – they play with a slightly larger, very lightweight ball – kind of like a thick beachball covered in cloth – no tears when people got socked with this one!

The afternoon included monitoring some cut and glue work, a little movie watching, dealing with a rambunctious and difficult first grader who looks like a 4th grader (no exaggeration) monitoring cleanup/packup time and encouraging the student teacher. High praise to hear from her that I handled the kids much better than the sub on last Friday.

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