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February 5, 2015 / sharoncopy

DAY 69 subbing, Westwood

Day 69 subbing:

I was the art teacher today, and that means that the lesson plans called for each class to come in and color some pages that were left for that purpose. So, 7 classes – 6 well-behaved that colored like champs while I sat and colored or drew and chatted with them, and last period – one 6th grade class that was loud and annoying. I had to send two girls to the office because they would not stop their verbal sparring. I sent three kids to sit on the carpet because they wouldn’t settle down (“Criss cross, applesauce” I said – and they said, “That sounds like Kindergarten” and I said, “That’s how you were behaving.”

If I was a bit further along in my art studies, I might have tried to teach them something. I think some kids benefit from coloring an intricate design – choosing the color scheme, etc., and their teachers benefit from getting 50 minutes away from them as prep time. Overall, it was an easy day for me, despite the last group. I’m glad I didn’t have them for the whole day.

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