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May 8, 2011 / sharoncopy

My Mother’s Day poem

I wrote this poem some years back for my Mom. It’s not your usual kind of Mother’s Day poem, but I composed it with tears in my eyes and a good friend cried when she read it right afterwards. It still says a lot.                                             Mom, to you I dedicate it again: I’m SO glad you’re still around.

Now that I know what it’s like

by Sharon L. Bratcher

Now that I know what it’s like:

…to be worried out of my mind about money

…to be scared to death that a child might die

…to be furious with my husband

…to endure pain or fatigue and yet do daily chores

…to feel totally overwhelmed by responsibilities

…to be misunderstood and/or disliked by people I care about

…to suffer deep regret over mistakes

…and to feel remorse and humility over sins;

Now that I know what it’s like:

…to feel truly unhappy, and yet, by God’s grace, press on;

And now that I know that not everyone endures,

ONE result is that I find myself really appreciating the fact that YOU did,

and that your love for me was one of the reasons.

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