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May 7, 2011 / sharoncopy

Mother’s Day hurts: top five reasons

#5 You’re a mother but your kids ignore Mother’s Day and even though you know it’s commercial and somewhat cheesy, you can’t ignore the fact that you want to hear from them, get a card or a little gift, and FEEL loved that day. Everyone wants to feel appreciated and when they don’t bother, it hurts. Tends to kill the joy of the whole week beforehand just experiencing the anxiety of “maybe…maybe not” also.

#4 You have a mother who is not the greatest. You go to the store and read all those superlative cards and try to find one that doesn’t say, “Mom! You are the most amazing saint that ever walked on the earth and I, clod of earth that I am, am so desperately thankful to have even been able to live in the same house as you did!” You’re looking for one that’s more like, “Hey, Happy Mother’s Day – hope it’s sunny and bright and you have a nice time.”

#3 You are single or else married and a non-mother by choice, and all the hoopla around you tends to leave you cold. And if you go to a church where they give an award for the mom with the whatever and the same ladies get it every year, you get tired of it all.

#2 You lost your mother, and all this day does is remind you of your grief. Enough said.

#1 You want to be a mother, but you cannot. The pain of this day sticks like a knife and you’d just as soon fast forward ahead to Monday and get on with your life.

Let’s keep some perspective this year, and remember all those who like Mother’s Day about as much as they enjoy a migraine.

one more to go….

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