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May 9, 2011 / sharoncopy

Awesome Azaleas, etc.

I love seeing all the azaleas as I ride to work and home each day. There’s one street where the owners have planted fuchsia, then white, then lavender, then repeat, then repeat. It’s so beautiful, I’d just like to stop and stare at them for awhile.

I am not much of a gardener, but a few years ago I planted a small lilac bush and this year it is humongous and it had hundreds of blooms on it! What a delight! Since I am gone most of the day, I took a fistful into work with me and put them on the file cabinet next to my desk so that I could enjoy them longer. I wish that my lilacs and my flowering plum tree would bloom all summer long, and the azaleas too.

Next up are all the daylilies, including the special white ones that my dad gave to me. They too will have their week or two and then end. After that, it’s pretty much just greenery in my front garden unless I put in some red geraniums or something.

Winter has it’s whited-branch beauty, but there’s nothing like Spring. Maybe because it’s like the “ahhhhhhhhh” at the end of a dental appointment, when I know I’ve survived another one and easier times are up ahead.

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