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March 19, 2015 / sharoncopy

DAY 94 and Day 8 of extension

It was pure joy to see these kids walk quietly down the hallway to the computer lab, under Miss L’s direction.

Of course, it didn’t last – but she is systematic, firm, kind, experienced, and smart, and I think she is going to be an awesome teacher for them. She also didn’t have several of the troublemakers who were absent today.

I assisted in the morning and after 2 p.m. And from 11 until 2 I helped Miss L completely reorganize the room. I REALLY enjoy doing this sort of work. We moved about 5 bookcases and all the stuff on them, and I captured all the dust bunnies, moved books, sorted crayons and pencils, etc. We were barely ready when the kids returned from their field trip – there was still a lot to put away. The kids walked in and said, “Is this Room 114?” 🙂 After removing 2 unnecessary tables, there’s a little more space in the room, too.

The rest of the week I will be subbing in other classrooms at the same school. As for the writing project – the kids enjoyed it, it gave them a good project to work on, and Miss L will be able to see their writing capability right away. Nothing was ever typed up, but they can take care of that someday if they want to, I suppose.

It’s been interesting being in the same room for so long. I do like the familiarity, but I think I want to stick to regular subbing for now.

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