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March 17, 2015 / sharoncopy

DAY 93 and Day 7 of extension


The new teacher starts tomorrow. It turns out that I am not scheduled to go on the field trip. Instead, I will be helping Ms. L. to reorganize the room – moving shelves, books, desks, etc., while the little darlings are gone. I’m taking our dolly and some boxes or bins along with me, and dressing lightly.

Today – so loud. So obstinate. So disrespectful. I ended up crying in the teacher’s lounge once. Mr. D – a tall, friendly older man who greets us every day and works as an aide wherever he is needed – and who seems to be beloved by the kids too – came in and gave me a big hug. 🙂  Then I settled back and quit trying to force them to be quiet and do their work – I just circulated and encouraged and helped. The one kid who got a Think Sheet – threw a tantrum and stomped out. New teacher says that should be cause for suspension – yeah!

I did learn that one boy who did no work the first 2 hours – just walked around and chatted continuously – he’s ADHD and didn’t have his medicine. I guess one has to learn how to deal with kids like that – I really am not sure how. Time to read up on it!

I took all but one book back to the library today – and the reports will be presented to Ms. L. as is so that she can get an idea of what level they are each at – then they can take them home, I suppose. I don’t think I’ll be in there after tomorrow morning. The principal has “other places” she can put me the rest of the week. Oh, boy!  I may tell her that I’d rather go back to the lower grades building. The other classes in this school don’t seem to be any better.

I can’t help but feel happy that I will not be in that classroom situation anymore. I’d be willing to try it with the new teacher at the helm – we’ll see what happens.

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