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March 6, 2015 / sharoncopy

DAY 86

I finally got to go back to Taylor Prep Charter High School. The principal there has asked me several times but I have always had another commitment. However – I found out that I was mistaken about an important rule. I thought that ANY cancellation would render me unable to sign up for any other work that day. The truth is: cancellations that are made too close to the actual date of work cannot be replaced, but if cancellations are made in plenty of time, there is no problem. So – I cancelled my subbing plans at another school and the principal at Taylor Prep requested me.

The day went well. I was “Special Ed”, which for this school is like the Resource Room – I had only 5-7 students each of the first three periods – SO much easier to deal with. Even so, there was one belligerent person in the first and third periods, anyway. Honestly, the second class students just came in, did their work, and that was it! Imagine! During the final period I was in an Economics class where the students at least appeared to be working when I made rounds, but they were socializing a lot as well. I did help some of them on their project to research the cost of having their dream car versus a used car, insurance for both, etc. Sounds like a good assignment.

Many of the kids remembered me from Fall. I smiled at them and greeted them nicely anyway (some had ended up in In-School Suspension on those occasions).

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