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March 4, 2015 / sharoncopy

DAY 85

“Out of the frying pan….into the fire.” At least it was only a half day.

Hilbert Middle School in Redford, where my husband and his sisters attended.

“Oh, look, it’s sub!”

I had to choose between trying to be diligent and keep the class quiet (or reasonably quiet) so they could do their assignments, and just sitting back relaxing, making sure they pretty much stayed in their seats and didn’t attack each other. The first class (6th grade) – I called the office and a man came and warned them and the rest of the hour went pretty well, although I sent a few kids to the In-School-Suspension.

The 2nd class – 7th grade – all they were doing was one math sheet (some asked for calculators for such difficult problems as 12×15). The third class I called down for assistance and received none and sent one student to ISS, only to have him returned to the class. Okay! If that’s how they want it. I relaxed and just wished the class would end.

32 kids crammed into a classroom with very little space that is not taken up with tables and chairs. 32 12-year-olds who likely have more on their minds than igneous and metamorphic rocks. There are times when I wonder about what kids are expected to learn and why, and the “how” isn’t much up to me since I walk in, unknown, off the street, and am just supposed to monitor them doing some work (and not enough Science books for everyone, either.) Sometimes the work is ridiculously lame, and the smart kids know it, and other times it’s challenging.

Then again, some days military-style academy seems like it would have its benefits.

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