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June 22, 2012 / sharoncopy

Love or strife?

I wrote this during my freshman year of college (age 18) about the disputes that were threatening to tear apart our awesome youth group at church. 11-27-72.

Love or Strife?

By Sharon L. Bratcher

There is nothing worse in a Christian’s life

Than disputing, arguing, discussion and strift.

It’s the devil’s work that brings it to pass,

And it has to do with temporal things, that won’t last.

The silly, unimportant items grow in worth,

While the doctrines in the Bible never give birth

To healthy discussion, that makes the Christians grow;

So, all wrapped  up in “little things” the Christians never know

The real joy and peace and probelm-solving found in God’s Holy Word.

The disputing has been so predominant that the real issues are slurred

So that issues, feelings, or money problems seem to prevail,

Instead of Christian love and understanding, which should never fail.

To dispute is just to backslide and to continually argue – to fall.

How much better to read and practice God’s Word, and on His name to call!

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