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June 12, 2012 / sharoncopy

One Night With Tommy

My Dad wrote most of this song in the hopes that it would influence people to be more careful about their sexual behavior. It was 1988 and AIDS had only been recognized for about 5 years then. I smoothed it out and we gave it a tune and even sent it a couple places in hopes of some country singer wanting to use it. Then, like many ideas, it got filed away.

One Night With Tommy (An Ode to AIDS)

By Marvin C. Osborne and Sharon L. Bratcher

Listen to this song: it just might save your life!

1. Dear Lord, I was lonely on one certain night

For Johnny and I had just had a big fight.

Then Tom came along, he was strong as could be

He said, “I’ll take you home; you’ll be all right with me.”

2. And then on the way home, we talked and we smiled

And we stopped by the side of the road for a while

We really meant no harm, but lust had its play

Tom had me that night in a quite special way.

3. But, Lord, I didn’t know that Tommy had AIDS

And I am so sorry, and I’m so afraid

It was only one time–it hardly seems fair

That the punishment for this mistake I must bear

4. Lord, crying and pleading won’t change my disease

I’m locked in a prison that hasn’t got keys

I’m going to die soon–my young life is lost

My one night with Tommy wasn’t worth what it cost.


Please let others know, Lord, my young life is lost

And my one night with Tommy wasn’t worth what it cost.

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