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November 13, 2011 / sharoncopy

A Sunday discount for an abortion?

I heard on the radio this morning that an abortion clinic in Florida is offering a $50 discount for people to come in on Sunday. Apparently, “sales” are down and they need to generate more business. Gag.

“On Sunday” just seems to add insult to injury. Why go to church to learn how God can help you through your trials and difficulties when you could, at that same time, just go and have one of them ripped out of your uterus instead? Like that will really put an end to your problems (ever read about post-abortion GUILT?)

In case you haven’t noticed, I’m against the killing of babies inside the woman’s body, or out. I’m against one person killing another because of inconvenience. I’m against men pressuring their women to do so because they don’t feel like manning-up and taking responsibility for their OWN child. I’m against a philosophy in society that says that children are a burden and not a blessing. Now, college, they say, that’s a blessing. And a career – that’s a blessing too, even if it’s a dull low-paying job. And travel – that’s a blessing too, right? And a big house in a good neighborhood and a great comfy high mpg car – those are blessings.

But children? They are so often presented as a drain, as the last thing you would want to have to spend money on. Yeah, better to spend it ALL on yourself.

Children! Your heritage, dude, literally down the drain. Your history.

Children! A little smile that makes your entire day. A soft, warm hug. A helpless person that you can take pride in nurturing. She needs you. She wants you. She appreciates you. Yeah, she screams too, and seems to only care for her own needs. That’s when she reminds you of you – that generally that’s been true of you your whole life, even though you tried to care about others, sometimes in an effort to look good, and often in an effort to not get yourself into trouble.

But here, for the first time, you have to climb out of yourself and put someone else first. Period. It’s hard to get used to at first. But most people rise to the occasion. They become more than they were before. And there are people who will help them to learn.

For the first time in life, someone else becomes more important than yourself. It’s awesome, being the person someone loves the most. It gets really tiring sometimes too, but it is never something that is regretted.

I’ve often joked that it’s a good thing babies are cute so that they can wiggle their way into our hearts before we realize what a pain they can be – then it’s too late – we’re in love and we’d give our kidney, our arm, or our life for that person.

This – having babies – is an education that is being avoided, just because it doesn’t offer M-O-N-E-Y.

Well, you know what? What do we want money for? Our comfort and our pleasure, to a great degree. Better to have the comfort of a hug from a little child and the pleasure of her laugh than a trip around the world or a huge house in Gwynedd.

Kids rule.

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