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November 11, 2011 / sharoncopy

At Risk program, my eye!

Sexual exploitation of boys in an AT RISK program (or was that why they were at risk???) This makes me sick.

Okay, I’m heading out on that limb again. Tell me if you think I’m wrong here.

What I don’t understand about this whole Penn State thing is this: WHY is the media focusing so much on 84 year old Joe Paterno and whether he should have overruled the administration’s decision to keep things quiet and called the police?

Why aren’t we hearing Sandusky’s name more? He’s the pervert. He’s the one who hurt those boys, and the one who ought to be, um, as my grandmother once suggested, “disarmed.”

I just think we should focus the blame exactly where it belongs and not get off on the side of the road so much. Papa Joe reported it, and fulfilled his legal responsibility and no doubt had a few words for the guy too. Does anyone  know if Sandusky stopped after that? Yes, it would have been the moral and right thing to report it to the police since they didn’t. Live thru the scandal then and not try to bury it. But what does this have to do with football?

Say what?????

I’m not positive that the guy’s career has to go down the toilet because he made a bad decision. Now, the administrators – the people who made the REAL decision in the case, THEY need to be flushed out and brought to justice immediately.

Paterno is a long-term football coach, not a minister or a counselor.

Since he’s not the one who did the deed, his name ought to be dropped out of the news cycle and Sandusky’s splattered all over the place instead. Assuming, of course, that he is guilty (although the media always presumes guilt on these matters in the way they treat people.)

If Paterno wasn’t famous, this would never have happened. Weren’t there some secretaries or administrative assistants who also knew?

Personally, I don’t even care about football much or have any ties to Penn State. I just think we should be frying the right guy.

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