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May 31, 2017 / sharoncopy

Greens for lunch?

Today’s “hot lunch” was something formed to look vaguely like bbq ribs. It was the length of the bun that came with the lunch, but it was way too wide. This meant that the kids either tried to saw it with their wimpy plastic forks, or pick it up with their hands to put it 2/3 of the way into the bun. This meant getting bbq sauce all over their hands, which meant trying to open the little plastic packet to remove the tiny napkin that comes with their lunch.    Along with the meat – which one boy happily stated “tastes like squashed meatballs”, was a grown-up sized portion (a cup full, at least) of collard greens. Yuck. I supervised two classes, and I’d be willing to bet that every bit of those greens hit the trash can. Some of the “ribs” did too.

I asked one girl why she gets the “hot” (I use the term loosely) lunch – of which she only ate the bun and the chocolate milk – and she said that her Mom wants her to have it so that she will try new things. Bwahahahahahahahahaha! Parents – if you want your child to try new foods, buying them the school “hot lunch” is NOT the way to make it happen. She will happily throw it all into the trash receptacle.

WHY did they even serve the greens? Government regulation. WHY couldn’t they make the meat at least fit the bun? Who knows? The people making these decisions should have to supervise a Kindergarten or first grade class that is being subjected to them. Let them run for wet wipes, wipe sticky tables, cajole kids into eating.

Along with every other “thing that really doesn’t happen” – this is part of FAKE education.


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