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March 31, 2017 / sharoncopy

More Subbing Thoughts

I’ve met kids in 7th grade who cannot read even first grade level work, and cannot add, let alone know their multiplication tables. I consider these fundamental skills for learning and progressing. Staff have told me that there are resources for helping the child do his work (they read it to him) but not for teaching him to read. Today I was told that the new curriculum expects them to cover SO many topics that there isn’t time for drilling the students on multiplication tables. REALLY?
It seems to me that’s like expecting a carpenter to build a house without showing him how to use the tools. They ought to make kids learn the basics before they let them move on.
But then – it would look like they failed if they held them back. And Johnny would miss out on some of what the class was learning. Excuse me? He’s missing out on nearly ALL of it now!
It would also provide negative statistics regarding their school, which in turn affects the property values in the neighborhood. It seems like there’s a lot riding on whether Johnny knows the product of 8×6.

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