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May 15, 2016 / sharoncopy

Challenging 5th grade class – Plymouth

Story written using all 20 spelling words.
“The Bad Teacher
This is the story of school. I have a sub that has been mislead or something she is so mean. She yells the most unequal teacher in the world. She is insecure unstable to think or listen to no body. Well she made us go to gym at the right time. And she is a disgrace, unwise and dishonest. It’s like she hates us well she is a disaster whating to happen. She always make us have to incomplete She dose not like to discover stuff she just sits there.”   Student A.

I was warned by several staff members when I arrived that this was the most difficult class in this Plymouth elementary, and I should be strict from the very start. And there were a number of kids that I had to keep an eye on every minute of the day. “Student A” above had his name on the board to have to miss some recess the next day. When he realized that I had read it, he backpedaled, trying to say that it was about a difference teacher on a different day.  By the way. I wasn’t insulted – I thought it was humorous.

Overall, the day went okay, but it was a constant effort to keep certain boys on task and to keep all of them from wandering about the room.

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