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April 9, 2016 / sharoncopy

April 8 subbing in K

“Our teacher is getting married!”
“That means she’ll be having a baby soon.”
“My Mom is having a baby soon. She just got engaged.”
“My Mom takes a pill so that she won’t have another baby.”

Here’s a topic I never shared with my five-year-old. 😦

Kindergarteners are so delightful! Five minutes into the room and Emma came over and said, “Are you my guest teacher?”
“Yes, I’m Mrs. B.” HUGE hug. “Thank you, Emma.”

This was the cushiest day ever. Taught math (counting and filling in the requisite number of squares), sent them out for recess, which I didn’t have to attend (half hour break). Snack time. Indoor play time. Clean up time. Gym (another half hour break). Dismissal.
I suspect that the teacher left an easy plan since it was Friday afternoon with a sub.
I didn’t even get to read to them or teach them songs. Still enjoyed their cuteness.
I miss my grandson Isaac.

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