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December 20, 2015 / sharoncopy

Days 44, 45, 46

There’s a pace at which the hundreds of Livonia high school students walk through the 400 hallway. Six abreast, heading for lunch or their next class, they walk, like a legion of off-duty warriors. I stepped into the throng. There was no way to pass, to advance, to hurry any faster. Everyone walked at the exact same speed towards the center of the school, while 1-2 abreast walked in the other direction on the other side of the hallway. This was a curious thing that I haven’t experienced in other high schools. As we grew near to the central hallway, traffic slowed as students prepared to break away – to the right, to the left, straight ahead, merging seamlessly with the cross traffic.

A funny thing – since the kids don’t know me – I  walk through the entire school, passing hundreds of people – and the only people who will smile, nod, say hello, or otherwise acknowledge my existence – are the adults. I understand it, but still find it strange. I’m only a sub, an unknown, and only relevant to their existence if I show up in their class.

I subbed for 3 10th-grade Chemistry and 2 9th-grade Biology classes from Tuesday through Friday. It went well. My job was to hand out assignments and keep them on task, industrious, and quiet. I took away a few phones each day (returned at the end of the hour). I wrote up a few students for disturbing the peace. I left a few notes about students who just didn’t do the work (although he will likely know when he sees who turned in what when he returns.) I enjoyed chatting with them towards the end of each class period. I like people, no matter their age.

I drew a couple of one-panel cartoons, read part of a good book, policed the aisles to make sure students were actually working on Science (or at least looked like it), and sketched a few of the students – usually choosing someone with interesting hair. 🙂

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