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May 8, 2015 / sharoncopy

DAY 120

I was back at Montessori today, with a pretty good group of second graders. Last time, there were so many problems with D. that I had to kick him out three times. Lately they have decided to take a different approach with him. I was told to invite him to do the work but not insist, and not make a big deal of it as long as he did not disturb the class. It was rather amazing. Not only did he behave very well, interrupt very little and even go on to have the best day he ever had in phys ed (the gym teacher even let him help put the equipment away, which he loved), he did actually do some of the work. And, he was there, listening, during all of it.

Obviously, this can’t be the plan for every kid or nothing would get done. But with this particular emotionally impaired child, it went very well.

I did my simple drawing lesson for this class and another one and most of the kids seemed to really enjoy it. Some were shocked to learn that one can go back to college when I mentioned that I have. 🙂

Off for five days in Lynden, Washington now. 🙂

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