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May 6, 2015 / sharoncopy

DAY 118

Cinco de Mayo plus Teacher Appreciation Week = awesome free lunch of Mexican food!

Today I was at an elementary school in Plymouth and mostly I did one-on-one with A., a nice, but distracted fifth grade boy.
I managed to get him thru almost two Science pages and through 4 pages of Math, which quite surprised his teacher. We also completed another page of Science later in the day, but he refused when it came to writing a paper for Social Studies at the end of the day. I probably should have let him on the computer, but I thought there was only 15 minutes left of school – turns out it was more like half an hour.

Some of the day there was nothing for me to do so I just recuperated from eating too much at lunchtime. 🙂

Decor: in the office, they have covered over the rectangular fluorescent light panels with covers that picture blue sky and fluffy white clouds – VERY nice idea! At least they can pretend they can see outside.

Met another sub who graduated from EMU in December. She was supposed to graduate in May 2014 and had checked THREE times to make sure that she had met all of her requirements for graduation. But 4 weeks before she was to graduate, she was informed that she needed one more class. Fume! Outrageous! So, she didn’t graduate, took the class in the summer – then was informed – ooops, there’s ONE more! Each of these “one mores” cost $1500 or so. Not surprisingly, she is no longer planning to get her M.A. from Eastern.

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