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April 22, 2015 / sharoncopy

DAYS 107 and 108

After learning the 3 stanzas to the Pizza Hut song (the last one was made up by a 4th grader), the Kindergarten kids suggested that we make up another verse. I took ideas and we discussed good motions to go with them and after we settled on it, we sang the new stanza. I gave them credit for writing it, and N., with shining eyes, said, “and we’re just Kindergarteners!” 🙂 [For those familiar with the song, our new stanza incorporates Tim Horton’s, Coney Island (to represent the 50 different ones around here) and Big Boy. The 3rd stanza has Subway, Long John Silver’s and Arby’s.]

I might get to stay with my favorite Kindergarten class all week! The aide was sick Monday and her daughter was sick on Tuesday, so by today I was handling the class alone – which went fine, for the most part.

There’s one girl – M. Honestly, I’m convinced she thinks she is the teacher or at least the assistant teacher. I found her yesterday cleaning off some name cards when she saw that they hadn’t been done (by the absent aide) – but she was supposed to be doing some classwork. Today she was nosing around my desk trying to find something. She drops everything at a second’s notice and flies across the room to “help” anyone she thinks is in dire need of her aide – whether they are, or not. I’m not sure where she’s at academically, but I suspect that the Kindergarten work is too easy for her. She talks fairly constantly and disrupts, and gets into everyone’s business, and frankly, I’m not quite sure what to do with her. She usually doesn’t argue – just makes a face and complies – until two minutes later when she disobeys again. Thoughts?

We keep pretty much on schedule and I have been reading them books from our house – Peter Rabbit and The Two Bad Mice (Beatrix Potter) today. I LOVE seeing them laugh and just enjoying their overall cuteness. I am glad I can help them learn a few things.

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