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April 3, 2015 / sharoncopy

DAY 102

His schoolwork wasn’t going well, and A. was at the end of his first grade-sized rope. He stated several times that he was too dumb, and he cried. The next thing I knew, he had packed up all of his belongings and donned his coat, and as he headed out the door, he said, “I’m going back to Kindergarten!” I said, “Goodbye.” The aide hurried after him and eventually calmed him down and got him back to the room.

The secretary said today they were glad I was there, because they know that the class is very difficult to deal with, and they felt I could handle it. I felt honored, and forewarned.

They were a challenging bunch of first graders, but overall the day went okay, although I was constantly “on duty” and “on guard” watching.

I taught them the Pizza Hut song and I think I will always remember the laughter and joy and silly little gestures on all of them as they learned it. It didn’t matter if it was the quiet girl in the corner or the bully – they all liked it and I reveled in seeing their faces.

During morning work time, I told them there would be an extra recess but not if they were not on task and quiet. It ended up that four kids did not get the extra recess, and they had to sit at my table while all the other kids played. Can you say forlorn? I also kept an energetic, upbeat approach as much as possible, although I did end up yelling a few times.

But for the afternoon worktime, the same deal applied, and I ended up with no one missing the recess, although a few of them probably should have…. what a softie I am sometimes!

I drew a picture of one of the boys who loaned me his sketch pad, and as often happens, kids gathered around admiring my “great” artistry. Most memorable were the girls who asked several times, “How do you do that?” I wish I could have given them some basic art lessons right then. I did mention that I draw what I see and pointed to some cubby bins as an example. One girl found some construction paper and drew the cubby bins as best she could and showed it to me. I find that so many kids love to draw and want to do so. Perhaps I can incorporate some suggestions into the daily routine.

The weeks of “desperately needing subs” are over at AMA, but I’ll likely be there fairly regularly – they just can’t guarantee it. So – will see what the next 2.5 months hold.

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