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March 14, 2015 / sharoncopy

DAY 92 and Day 5 of extension

I survived 5 days with this crowd. Sigh. There are moments when I have no clue how to deal with the ADHD kids. Do I just keep re-directing them and trying to get them to accomplish something? Do I concentrate on the kids that really want to learn so that they don’t get short-changed? They all have helpers they go to now and again. But when they are in there – what to do? I tried to talk with the other teacher today but she had to leave quickly, but we are going to try to pull it together better next week.

A very smart and usually pleasant girl – K – is also way too talkative and sociable. She mentioned yesterday that when she is upset, her mother makes her soup and lets her watch a movie. She added that whenever she gets a Think Sheet (note about bad behavior from the school), that she cries about it and “my mother always gives me soup and lets me watch a movie, too, although really she shouldn’t because I got in trouble.”  Hmmmmmm.

I told them all week that everyone who met all their goals would get ice cream on Friday. 11 out of 26 did. I called their names, told them to get their coats, and took them to the staff lounge to get their choice of ice cream bar, and we went outside to eat them. Some of the kids really focused and worked harder to receive this reward. Some were short of it and I said I hoped they would attain it next week. Some were really angry. Two were sent out by the other teacher, who apparently checked the work that had NOT been brought to me, after I left. Fine. They got ice cream. She didn’t like that more than half the class was upset. I think it will spur them on to make sure they hit their goals next week. I am pretty sure that not even 11 hit it the week before. What a sad, sorry packet of stuff they brought to me, too! I think this will likely encourage them to keep their paperwork together too. I’m hoping for 20 next week. 🙂

Relationships with some kids seem to be growing and doing better. Others are still not so great.

At the very end of the school day, the fifth grade teacher quit. No notice, no goodbye to the students, nothing. Just – quit. Kind of pooped on the principal’s weekend, with that. They are already very shorthanded. IF I wanted to “be”  a teacher for the rest of the school year, I could. But I will not, because either my studies or I would suffer. But it looks like I can be a regular sub there from now on. We’re going to take it a couple of weeks at a time.

Unless – my life situation changes, which it might, and my subbing becomes more sporadic.

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