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March 9, 2015 / sharoncopy

DAY 88, and DAY 1 of extended session

I am going to be working in the same Montessori classroom for at least two weeks, as a co-teacher. The teacher left 5 weeks ago, and a teacher’s aide from a second grade room has been filling in for this fourth grade class. She is very worn out and discouraged. I can see why! Some of the kids are woefully behind in their math skills (a boy couldn’t tell me what 7-6 was today). Others are doing well. There are several kids who want to disrupt the class constantly. This is going to be a big challenge. I’m glad that there are two of us, but I have to get used to the Montessori mindset (quickly!) and figure out how to teach them. We need some kind of reward system to motivate them, but we are very curtailed in what we can do as far as discipline goes. I stopped several times today and just prayed for patience and wisdom. I think I will be doing that a lot. The new teacher (trained in Montessori) will be coming in two weeks – I may be staying on to help or to sub in other rooms at that point – I’m not sure. This school has had huge staff turnover this year, and there are going to be 4 regular subs working in the building. The school is only 1.5 miles from home (here in Redford), across from where I used to live. Hopefully “Miss Karen” and I can institute a plan that works. First up: need to think of a good reward to use for those who meet their weekly goals – has to be something where we can exclude those who don’t make it.

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