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January 16, 2015 / sharoncopy

DAYS 57 and 58 subbing

DAYS 57 and 58 subbing

On Wednesday Jan. 15 I was in the resource room at an elementary school and that was really enjoyable. I went to various classrooms throughout the day and pulled a few kids out and then practiced some reading (all planned out) with each of them. It was quite nice working with only one or two students at a time! Of course, if I was in charge of the whole program and had to test and plan everything it would be much more involved, but as a sub – it’s a dream position. I did have to do lunch duty – first time ever! No big deal – I had to wander around the gym helping any child who raised a hand for assistance or permission.

Then I went outside to supervise recess. It was a gorgeous, cold day and the multi-colored, laughing children loved having 20 minutes to play in the snow – building forts and igloos. I wished they could stay out longer – 20 minutes isn’t much for such a delightful experience. As for me, I was bundled up warmly and not cold at all – but I do wish they had a bench so that I could sit down.

On Thursday, I had half a day at a Montessori kindergarten that I spent time with last Fall. It was a very pleasant and easy assignment and only half a day. I met with small reading groups and one group of three had to read a book that continually used the words big, bigger and biggest. They all struggled with the last word, even though it was repeated on about five pages. The funniest part was that one sweet little girl continued to pronounce it as “big-assed” – making me wonder if that’s a word she hears regularly at home.

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