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January 13, 2015 / sharoncopy

DAY 55 of subbing

DAY 55 of subbing – half a day at an alternative school in Plymouth. I monitored three classes of high school students, some worked on assignments and some didn’t. I gave advice to a couple of them about writing resumes.

I wrote about a school in Swartz Creek MI like this last year – or edited the article, actually. I am excited to see other options provided to kids who for quite a few reasons will not or cannot study in the traditional setting.

Just my opinion: considering these kids are on the edge and barely staying in school already – is it really important for them to know about the Ming Dynasty? I can see learning Geography and getting a general overview of other countries, but I could also see giving them more practical classes after they learned Geography. I’m a little torn both ways, actually, on this one.


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