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June 20, 2012 / sharoncopy


I wrote this on 12/27/84 when Julie was about 21 months old and David was 3 and a half.



By Sharon L. Bratcher


My charmer, delightful, gets sweeter each day

Her movements amuse me, her eyes spark with play

“You may think I’m one, and a few months more,

But I’m certain, like David, I’m going on four.”

Amazing, how love grows, I thought mine was done

But the feeling seems stronger than when she turned one.

“Let ME set the table, I’ll help stir the cake.”

“I went potty! No naptime if David’s awake.”

Oh, how I do lover her, to hug her’s pure joy.

She’s pretty, she’s happy, she’s giggly, she’s coy.

“I many not speak words, but you know what I say.”

When she enters the room, sunlight enters my day.”




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