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June 16, 2012 / sharoncopy

BRATCHER HOUSE, circa 1994

Oh, joyful time! My parents were driving from MI to PA to see us again! But life was frenetic with driving to school and part time work, six kids, which included a two year old, and a husband who worked a lot of hours. I did not have time to prepare our home the way I would like to, so I quickly made a big poster and hung it up. 🙂

BRATCHER HOUSE, circa 1994

You have the unique privilege of being one of the few visitors to visit this important historic site in its original and inimproved state. Yes, this the the home not only of future honored citizens David and Brian Bratcher, but also to future men of the year Timothy and Kevin Bratcher. It is also the home of authors Dennis and Sharon Bratcher and the even better-known authors, their daughters Julie and Amy.

See: original and unretouched fingerprints on walls and doorways

View: their rooms, exactly as they have lived in them

Walk past: treasures collected and uniquely stacked within the lower level

Marvel: at the ingenious use of common dirt to block out harmful UV rays attempting to come through windows

Witness: an incredible piano recital which overcomes the challenges presented by the 82 year old piano

Recall: in years to come, that you saw it BEFORE it was redone

Comprehend: that this dwelling has safely housed these notables through exactly 5 years of love, laughter, learning, tension, tears, and tumult. LIFE HAS BEEN LIVED HERE!

Join: with the Bratchers in giving thanks to God for that fact.


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  1. Tim / Jun 16 2012 1:12 pm

    I love how the ad-bot picked up the word ‘dirt’ in your blog post, and inserted an ad for oxi-clean 🙂

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