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June 14, 2012 / sharoncopy

Yo-yo Emotions

I started writing poems after being inspired by Maureen LeLacheur in my freshman English class at Detroit Bible College. I wrote at least 20 poems in college, and most were written when I was upset and trying to sort out what was what. I have written a few since then too, and I suppose I’ll be presenting them in no particular order.  This was written in September 1983, which happened to be a really low point in our married life. I don’t mind admitting that because I think that all marriages have their ups and downs. It definitely got better. 🙂

Yo-Yo Emotions

By, Sharon L. Bratcher

Filled with sadness,

Filled with joy–

Back and forth emotion flows

Plunged to depths

Of deep despair;

Raised up high, it onward goes.

All too human thoughts weigh down

Godly thoughts make highs of lows.

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