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June 10, 2012 / sharoncopy

Mature Love

This humorous poem was written from, uh, experiences. 🙂 Anyone over thirty will probably get it.

I sent it in to WMUZ radio and “Harvey in the morning” read it on the air on Valentine’s Day, and sent me a sweatshirt for sending it in.

Mature Love

By Sharon L. Bratcher

Kiss me, darling, kiss me!

(But, don’t pull hard on my neck)

Place your arms around me

(Is the door locked?  Better check.)

Let your finger tenderly

Caress my hip and thigh.

(Ow! My knee–please move your leg

Lest pain intensify.)

Lie upon me, let me feel

The love that I now lack.

(Nope, move over, sorry,

But that really hurts my back.)

Well, kiss me, darling, kiss me!

(Oh, that’s right, you have a cold.)

Pull me closer to you

(Wish these aches could be controlled.)

(Sigh) Shall we at this present time

Our mutual love promote?

(Never mind, just hit the light

And hand me the remote.)


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