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April 7, 2012 / sharoncopy

Overheard parental conversations….1. “Easter”

In Target, today:

“My little girl is making out like a bandit tomorrow. I got her a Cabbage Patch Doll, a Barbie, a DVD, and since I got it all on sale here at Target, it only cost me about $40 – that’s not bad.”

I’ve been ignoring the Mr.  Bunny for so long that I missed the news report that said he had merged with Mr.  Claus. When I was growing up we colored some eggs and our parents hid them and we got a basket that had a big (as in about 4-5″) chocolate rabbit and some chocolate eggs and jelly beans, which I usually gave to my siblings because I never really liked them.

When I grew up, I came to believe that focusing on Jesus’ Resurrection and His sacrifice for us was so important that we ought not cheapen (or in this case “cheep-en”) it with silly stuff. “It’s for the kids,” people said.

“That’s right,” I agreed, and continued to teach “the kids” what was important. We can have fun every day of the year. We feasted on birthdays and had treasure hunts and parties with friends on many occasions – just – not on this one.

I just discovered this song by “Casting Crowns” called “Who Am I? – it says so much:

Blessed Resurrection Day to you.

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  1. Cat / Apr 7 2012 10:32 pm

    I recently heard that the early Christians didn’t celebrate Christmas at all because the BIG day to celebrate is the day Jesus resurrected! So true – without His resurrection we would have nothing to celebrate.
    Many Christian people now are using the eggs as a visual aid to represent ‘new life in Christ’, or even the resurrection. Reading about the history of Easter celebrations help to clarify why we celebrate. Little people cannot understand death, but they can understand the birth/new life, so flower bulbs coming up and baby chicks can help with this.

    I don’t agree with the commercial focus of Easter, but there are so many people who don’t know the true meaning of Easter or Christmas, so the stores just use it to make money.

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