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January 2, 2012 / sharoncopy

Another election year – my suggestions

I think there is an awful lot of time and money wasted campaigning. So here’s my thought:

NOBODY should be allowed to campaign at ALL until six weeks before the election. Period. Forget the individual state caucases and have the primaries all on the same day. Stop zipping all over the country trying to impress people by showing up and eating an ice cream cone and trying hard to say what that group wants to hear.

Instead – everyone just do your current job instead. And then, in April, and again in September, campaign from your home state via television ads and print media. Have a few debates, and let the people decide. Most people either make up their minds at the outset or in the last week anyway, so having that many months is useless.

And, it’s so boring. I no longer have a television so I won’t be subjected to the endless ads, but my mailbox will be full. I think this year I will keep them all and perhaps tape them all together just to see how big of a “quilt” I get from it. Then I’ll write it up and maybe get it in the news. “Average household averages 1,000 pieces of useless election mail.”

I care about the issues. I just want to know where each person stands on the issues and then I’ll make my decision.

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