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November 6, 2011 / sharoncopy

Bah, humbug!

Sometimes I don’t look forward to the holidays, because our initial 8 person family (read: 8 opinions) has grown to where there are now 13, with larger variations of view on leisure time and politics and religion and a few other topics. Some don’t fully know others and some don’t fully understand the others (the two are connected, I’m convinced.)  Sometimes there’s a bit of tension in the air, and I don’t like that part.

My role for so many years was “peace-keeper” in the home, stopping one from taking the other one’s truck, punishing another for smacking his brother, telling them to “say you are sorry.” I must have thought that once everyone was over 18 there wouldn’t be any differences of opinion. Just goes to show you it has nothing to do with maturity of age and everything to do with “people.”

I pray that people will learn to get past their differences.  People are different; so what? – we’re still family and we need to show love to one another. We still have a lot in common. I hope  to  hear people asking each other what they’ve read or watched or cooked lately, or how their job is going.  No one should be ignored. Everyone can make an effort to find a common thread.


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