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October 27, 2011 / sharoncopy

Time goes by so fast….

There was a time in my life when time dragged. There was a time when events and opportunities took forever to arrive. I can hardly remember.

Now, and especially since I started working full time again, days evaporate. Weeks disappear. Months jog past me, and before I fully realize that it’s October, it’s almost November. Holidays come and go, with little appeal other than a few special moments snagged between long work days.

Working full time, I feel like I’m never home. When I am home, I don’t want to leave. I long for a few days to get my stuff organized, to sit and do nothing, to read and read and read. But no, the office calls me again, and the days off are few and usually filled with traveling. There’s no end in sight.

Sounds rather bleak and sometimes feels that way. But really, I’m just tired, and there are two more work days and three more work evenings before the blessed Sunday day of worship and rest. Not inviting company is more delightful, most of the time.

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